A philosophy for a unique travel

Belga Mobility offers you a rental car service with private chauffeur in Brussels and throughout Europe.

In order to offer you a personalized trip, Belga Mobility private chauffeurs have a course of action that meets your needs.

A strict discipline and a modern expertise

A customizable service of prestige

During your booking, we’d like to take time to get to know you in order to give you a personal and prestigious transport which will respect your intimity.

A mutual fulfilment

When boarding one of our luxury cars, you become a real trip partner. The car becomes your office or your holiday extension.

A safe and peaceful trip

According your request, the Belga Mobility private chauffeur offers an adapted driving in terms of time, comfort, speed while ensuring an irreproachable safety.

A suitable response

Something unexpected comes your way? Our personal chauffeurs are trained to handle last minute changes, depending or not to you.

Rigorous availability

You are looking for a service that meets your needs. The personal-assistant chauffeur makes his best to interact with humanity by being careful and farsighted to your needs.

A modern vision of a shared mobility and a healthy environment

Belga Mobility is aware that meeting the challenges of mobility, in particularly in Brussels. That’s why we make our possible to offer a irreproachable service by driving in a responsible way.

A real personal-assistant at your disposal

Experienced and skilled, our team of chauffeurs « personal-assistant » doesn’t consider its job as being only passengers transports. Chauffeurs get ready offer you a proactif and thoughtful service, under all circumstances.

a lasting partnership

a prestigious and customizable service

a flexible, effective and discrete presence

a experienced chauffeur, as personal-assistant

an easy booking system

a modern view of a sustainable mobility and an healthy environment

A team

As soon as you will be requesting for a quote, Belga Mobility private chauffeurs do their best to personalize your trip according to your desires.

Personal assistant chauffeurs

Real personal assistants, Belga Mobility private chauffeurs want to create a relationship of trust with you.
To allow you  to get to your goals, whether they are for professional or personal purposes, the Belga Mobility chauffeur gets ready, even before the take over, to offer a proactive and careful service and to handle any unexpected event.

Private chauffeurs from Brussels

Belga Mobility chauffeurs are from Brussels and know perfectly the assets and the difficulties of mobility throughout the European capital

Private chauffeur with accreditation

Belga Mobility chauffeurs have the required authorizations and accreditations to realize your different missions. They are also frequently trained to respond adequately to crisis management.

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